'Red 2' Cast back in action

Monday, 8 July 2013

Bruce Willis is doing what he does best in "Red 2"-- bolstering the bad people while providing funny one-liners.

The "Die Hard" celebrity profits as the innovator of a number of Outdated Incredibly Risky providers who go on a objective to monitor down a strange rogue equipped with a just crazy new tool.

The first "Red" movie Which was released in 2010 became a millionaire at the box office, taking in almost $200m against a $60m price range. Willis and his co-stars from the first movie -- Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Brian Cox and Mary-Louise Parker -- couldn't avoid the opportunity to come back for a follow up.

"Silence of the Lambs" celebrity Anthony Hopkins connects the series as a once-brilliant but now troubled researcher known as Bailey. The acting professional informed CBSNews.com that Willis and the relax of his co-stars created him experience right at home.

"They said, 'Hey, come in, welcome.'...They created me experience very relaxed," Hopkins said. "I couldn't hold out to get to work in the morning."

Watch it clip above to see if there's any possibilities of a "Red 3" arriving to cinemas one day.
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Red 2 - Watch 2 More TV Spot

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summit Entertainment isn't enjoying around with the coming new "RED 2" movie as they've now launched two more TV spot for the future follow up. watch them out below.

RED 2 - TV Spot "Russia's Deadliest"

RED 2 - TV Spot "The Guy"


RED 2's Cast Takes the Highlight in New TV Spots

Summit Entertainment has launched two new TV-spots from their new coming movie "RED 2". Examine them out in the gamers below!

In the comedian book-inspired follow up, outdated black-ops CIA broker Frank Moses reunites his unlikely group of top level agents for a international pursuit to monitor down a losing convenient atomic system. To be successful, they'll need to endure an military of persistent assassins, callous terrorists and power-crazed govt authorities, all willing to get their arms on the next-generation tool. The objective requires Honest and his motley group to London, uk, London, uk and Moscow. Bested and outmanned, they have only their clever senses, their old-school abilities, and each other to depend on as they try to preserve the world-and remain in existence in the procedure.


Watch Red 2 TV spots - Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker and David Malkovich get in touch in the advertisements as Interpol's most desired.

Frank Moses and his group are under agreement to be murdered.

Dodging the regulators and employed murderers, they set off across the globe on the search for a convenient atomic system.

Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung Hun Lee, Mark Cox and Neal McDonough will also function in the Dean Parisot-directed movie.

A third film in the activity funny series is said to already be in growth at Summit Entertainment.

RED 2 will appear in US theatres on This July 19 and in the UK on Aug 2. 

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'Red 2' - Stars Behind the scenes

Dean Parisot's 'Red 2,' featuring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren, will be launched in the U. s. Declares on This July 19. Here the celebrities discuss their tasks in the movie. Red 2 movie is follow up to this years smash hit, 'Red.'